About CrowdIQ

CrowdIQ combines our expertise as the world leaders in high resolution, gigapixel photography with best-in-class computer vision to provide partners with actionable insights about their crowd composition and behaviors.

Currently working with 12 professional sports teams across North America and growing!

Origin story

CrowdIQ grew out of Fancam, the global leader in gigapixel event photography.

Fancam was founded in 2010 and has since captured more than 3,000+ events worldwide. 

After years of looking at millions upon millions of fan images, we started noticing subtle differences in the crowds we captured.
Through a potent combination of curiosity and laziness our natural next question was: could we get a computer to look at these crowds and tell us the differences? 

The answer was YES and started us down the road of crowd analytics through computer vision.

CrowdIQ is the result of that journey. A brand new company, with a unique and singular goal, operated by the most experienced people in this field.