Anything the human eye can detect, a computer can detect. It’s as simple as that! Combine computer vision with our high-resolution images and you can learn almost anything…

With Merchandise Analysis we can tell you what percentage of fans were wearing licensed merchandise, broken down by jerseys, hats, t-shirts/sweatshirts, etc. Take it one step further and combine this with demographic information and you can find out who is wearing what (Millennial males wear more baseball hats, Gen Z females love the away jersey, etc.).

Let’s look at a real life example. Here is the Apparel Analysis for one of our NFL Partners. Some observations:

  • One opponent’s presence was dominant on 11/22/20, with opposition apparel accounting for 51% of the crowd.
  • Fans wore more hats in 2019.
  • There weren’t very many women in team merchandise in 2019.
  • The crowd got younger in 2020.