The CrowdIQ system is able to deliver gender and age metrics on a per section basis.

These metrics become increasingly insightful when placed over CrowdIQ’s Crowd Flow, Attention Tracking, and Merchandise Analysis:

  • Which fans are more likely to leave early, be in their seats at the start of the game, or get up during a game break?
  • Which fans pay attention to different ads on the big screen? Which fans are on their phones and when?
  • Which fans wear jerseys vs. hats vs. t-shirts, etc.?

Below are some examples of interesting real-world insights our clients have been able to glean from their CrowdIQ Demographics data:

  • An NHL partner found the average age of fans at playoff games was 39 years old… 6 years higher than the regular season average. As that same team progressed further into the playoffs, the crowd became increasingly male dominated. By the 8th home game of the playoffs, 80% of their attendees were male.
  • The average age of one MLB partner’s fans was 9 years younger than their ticket data, and another learned the average age of their fans was 11 years younger than their ticket data.
  • Some teams run theme night promotions to attract certain fans, but it’s difficult to determine if they reach their targeted demos. With one MLB partner we compared the demographics of those sitting in the seats sold as part of their promo nights to the rest of the stadium. One example: on Nurses Night the demographics of those sitting in seats sold in the Nurses Night Package were 45% male, 55% female. The rest of the stadium was 58.5% male and 41.5% female.
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