The modern sports venue is an extremely busy place with lots of different sensory cues battling for the attention of the fan.

It’s sensory overload and every fan reacts differently to these cues.

So how do we measure what actually grabs a fan’s attention?

Using the CrowdIQ Attention Tracker of course!

Our Attention Tracker provides a per-second analysis of in-venue fan attention…computing how many fans are looking at the big screen, the game or their phones at any moment in time.

The resulting data can now be used to help teams:

  • Benchmark and improve big screen content.
  • Improve the reach of sponsored content.
  • Combat ‘big screen fatigue’ (trust us, it’s a thing).
  • Measure mobile phone usage.
  • Plus so much more!

Here is an extract from one of our actual reports that compare the different reactions to sponsored content within a single game:

The obvious findings from this specific report are:

  • Military-themed content outperformed ALL other content by 5x on the big screen.
  • The injury report is not that interesting.
  • Fans were on their phones during the Lays activation.

Because we capture every second of every game for the whole season, there’s no need to guess or theorize which activations are most powerful… Data is magic!

All that’s left is to figure out how to use the CrowdIQ Attention Tracker to improve your game day experience and sponsorship ROI.