If you take a look at our “We have the same crowd every night, right?” post you may be surprised to learn that fans often aren’t attending games all that frequently. If this is the case, and there is frequent turnover for who’s in the stands, what does that look like from a demographics perspective? What’s a day game look like vs. a night game? A weeknight vs. the weekend? There are many factors that impact who shows up and when, and with enough data you can start to pick up on patterns and accurately predict what your crowd will look like every night. 

Here is an example… Does the playoff fan base differ from that of a regular season game?

Well… Using our Demographics data, one of our NHL partners found the average age of fans at playoff games was 6 years higher than their regular season average. As that same team progressed further into the playoffs, their crowd also became increasingly male dominated. By the 8th home game of the playoffs, 80% of their attendees were male, a 20% increase vs. the regular season.

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