Maybe your season tickets are sold out, you have a long waitlist of fans waiting to get tickets themselves, and you have a diehard fan base so the same fans come all time… right? Probably not. We’ve seen that season ticket holders rarely are frequent attendees. How do we know this? We use our Attendance Frequency technology to examine each individual season ticket package, every single game, to see how often fans return in each package.

Here are some examples of what we’ve learned:

We analyzed and matched the faces of 94,414 fans found in season ticket seats for one NHL team. Only 2.5% of fans attended more than half of the games. 78% of fans attended only 1 game. (Incidentally: 6.8% of fans attending only 1 game canceled their season tickets, while only 1.8% of fans attending 8 games did so.)

We did the same thing with 153,700 fans in season ticket seats for an NFL team. 91% of fans only attended one game! 5% of fans attended two games, 0.2% of fans attended 6 games or more.

Is this data specific to individual organizations, of course… but the only way to find out how frequently your fans attend is to test it out for yourself.

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