What’s your most valuable in-venue activation? It’s a great question!

Sure, you may think you have an idea of which activations are a hit with your fans and which activations tend to fall flat… but what if you could actually know.

With CrowdIQ’s attention tracking we’re able to tell teams exactly where fans are looking, every second.

  • How many fans are looking at the big screen during that injury report?
  • Why are fans looking at their phones at the start of the game?
  • Are fans still paying attention 2 hours in?

We track all of that and more… so back to the question of “what’s your most valuable in-venue activation?” We combine our per-second attention tracking with your big screen data, and just like that we can tell you which activation gets the most fans to pay attention, and which activations just don’t move the needle.

Take a look below at what a single Attention Tracking photo looks like!

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